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This Goddess Got You

I'm Yvette Rose, a certified Holistic Health Coach with a focus on nutrition, brain health, dietary supplements, and meditation for a healthier mindset. My mission is to create healthy communities and honor each person's unique biochemical individuality to foster a balanced lifestyle for a healthy body and mind.

My journey began on the streets of Brooklyn, the daughter of a single teenage mom, raised with the help of my great aunt and grandma. I dropped out of school, left home before I turned 18, and learned how to survive. I found myself in an abusive 11-year relationship, where some days I had a bed to sleep on, and on others, it was an after-hours club or a subway ride. But I persevered. I put myself through college, taking a decade to earn my bachelor's degree in Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Right when I received my degree, I discovered I was pregnant, and my life took a new turn. My baby boy needed support both physically and emotionally, so I decided to change my life, learn how to care for our bodies and minds, and be the best mother I could be. Today, I have two boys and a partner of over 25 years. I reflect on my past to remember the power of resilience and the ability to overcome anything with hard work.

My childhood was traumatic, but it led me to develop my inner guides and intuition, which I now use to raise collective energy and help clients like you. Healing is possible when you're educated, accountable, and supported.

My credentials include being a Registered AADP Health Coach, 500hr yoga instructor, Certified Brain Health Coach, Reiki Healer, Breathwork Practitioner, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, Certified Advanced Dietary Supplement Advisor, Spiritual Advisor, Tarot Card Reader, and Intuitive Guide.

So, why did I create Joulebody Bars? Most bars on the market are designed for athletes, and filled with processed proteins and too much sugar. They're not tailored to women's needs, which include hormonal balance and detoxification. On-the-go foods can disrupt women's gut microbiota, leading to bloating, hormonal imbalances, and brain fog. That's why I took over 11 years to formulate Joulebody Bars – made by a woman, for women.

The Joule goddess approach is about mindful knowledge of what your body needs, be it recovery from bodily discomfort, pain, depression, negative beliefs, or the feeling of being a bystander in your own life. Together, we can achieve holistic well-being and harness the power of resilience and knowledge to overcome life's challenges.

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