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Your Gentle Daily Detox Shop

Our functional nutrition products are Planting the seeds for daily detoxing giving your body energy and vitality from morning till night. 

Holistic Wisdom By Our Founder

Joule{body} ('jool)

Founded by Yvette Rose, a visionary holistic health coach inspiring a global community. Unleash your potential with authentic well-being. Join us on a transformative journey towards women's health and vitality. Experience the power of Joulebody's holistic approach.

functional nutrition to support optimum wellbeing

Made for all phases of a Woman's Health

always Plant-BasedNo Sugar Added or protein fillersAll NaturalPaleo and Keto friendly, No Nuts + Gluten-Free 


Meet Our Founder

Yvette Rose is a holistic mind-body healer who transforms your trauma, health, your pain and empowers your inner-goddess.  A well-known celebrity wellness guru, nutrition coach and herbalist she has spent decades selecting the highest quality, purest, most ethically sourced superfoods to create nutrient dense foods and teas to cleanse, heal and restore your mind+body. Yvette ignited the modern healthy cleanse and reset revolution long before it was trendy with her first multi-million dollar company, Joulebody Cleanse + The Happy Cleanse, in New York City. 

Products Designed for Optimal Functioning

Discover the Joule Goddess superfood and super seed bars—a true sensation for the senses. These gluten-free, plant-based bars are enriched with powerful superfoods and super seeds, offering a unique blend of nourishment and satisfaction. We've carefully selected ingredients known for their positive effects on women's health, including turmeric, maca, cacao, ashwagandha, and more.

Don't just take our word for it—hear from our community

who have experienced the transformative benefits of Joulebody.

1-minute, 6-questions


    I have been very careful what I put in my body with no fat, dyes and refine sugar/no sugar for the past three months. I have been successful with it for my cravings for certain things I use to have I no longer have them. I tried Joule Goddess bars and was exceptionally pleased with the clean and healthy feeling I got with a bonus of feeling full when I am on the go. When I have a meal, I noticed I did not need to eat too much and feel satisfied. The bars with the teas have been my happy satisfied feeling of doing the best for my body. My energy level is also very high. Thanks Joule!!!
    I love these bars! They do a wonderful job of resetting my gut biome. I have them on a regular subscription for this very reason. The photo is a piece of art created by my daughter using empty wrappers and words that express the good vibes I generate when eating these bars. Thank you for creating an intentional & nourishing product.
    Joule Goddess replied:
    Thank you! Literally was getting ready to meditate on Joulebody and the vision when your review popped up as a reminder it’s slow and steady. Yes the product is so intentional, so happy you can feel that. Thank you. 🥰
    Loved the gut reset pack! I used this to reset my health goals and get into better habits. I felt lighter afterward and it was a great introduction to all of the Joule products. It was nice to have a regimen set and be able to enjoy a light meal at the end of the day. It says on the packet - a date with yourself from 9am - 7pm.. and it truly is!
    I am so happy with this. The bars are actually really filling and I’m obsessed with all of the teas. I didn’t keep the tea schedule as much as is recommended. These teas are so high quality though!
    Great , healthy, nutty taste! Gives you all the energy you need without any fillers Or artificial ingredients. Highly recommend!
    I'm in love with this bars, they have everything I've been looking for, they are super healthy & super yummy!
    MY BODY NEEDS THESE BARSSS!!!! I LOVE THESE BARS!!! They help my tummy not hurt, when I was experiencing pain in my abdomen after meals throughout the day. Now that I eat Joulebars my tummy feels better. Its as though my tummy needs them. XO