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    I have been very careful what I put in my body with no fat, dyes and refine sugar/no sugar for the past three months. I have been successful with it for my cravings for certain things I use to have I no longer have them. I tried Joule Goddess bars and was exceptionally pleased with the clean and healthy feeling I got with a bonus of feeling full when I am on the go. When I have a meal, I noticed I did not need to eat too much and feel satisfied. The bars with the teas have been my happy satisfied feeling of doing the best for my body. My energy level is also very high. Thanks Joule!!!
    I love these bars! They do a wonderful job of resetting my gut biome. I have them on a regular subscription for this very reason. The photo is a piece of art created by my daughter using empty wrappers and words that express the good vibes I generate when eating these bars. Thank you for creating an intentional & nourishing product.
    These bars are delicious and a healthy meal replacement. The cacao goji is my favorite!
    Loved the gut reset pack! I used this to reset my health goals and get into better habits. I felt lighter afterward and it was a great introduction to all of the Joule products. It was nice to have a regimen set and be able to enjoy a light meal at the end of the day. It says on the packet - a date with yourself from 9am - 7pm.. and it truly is!
    I'm in love with this bars, they have everything I've been looking for, they are super healthy & super yummy!
    Great , healthy, nutty taste! Gives you all the energy you need without any fillers Or artificial ingredients. Highly recommend!
    I am so happy with this. The bars are actually really filling and I’m obsessed with all of the teas. I didn’t keep the tea schedule as much as is recommended. These teas are so high quality though!
    I felt great, full of energy and clarity!
    I'm usually on the go and forget to eat. The size, texture, flavor and razor sharp focus I get from snacking on this bar help me get through to dinner some days.. most days
    I love these bars! They are the perfect solution when you are starving but you don't want to eat crap. Seriously. Then, suddenly after or while eating I feel more satisfied and am able to keep going without burning out or getting the ups and downs of too much sugar. Perfect snack on the go. Love!
    MY BODY NEEDS THESE BARSSS!!!! I LOVE THESE BARS!!! They help my tummy not hurt, when I was experiencing pain in my abdomen after meals throughout the day. Now that I eat Joulebars my tummy feels better. Its as though my tummy needs them. XO
    I love the packaging! So pretty and clean! I can tell that detoxing is happening with changes in my body. Unfortunately my taste and smell are out of commission due to Covid exposure. I know that it is a healthy choice!!
    I love my Joule bars! Delicious tasting, never make me bloat and leave me with a just-right "full" feeling.
    I love the cacao and goji berry taste. This is such a good bar to have on the go. I always have it handy and recommend to my clients. Definitely a good on the go healthy choice snack!

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