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Crescent Waning Moon Ceremony: Embracing Release under the Waning Crescent Moon

Nov 18,2023 | joulebody

Creating a ceremony during the waning crescent moon, which is associated with reflection, release, and letting go, can be a powerful way to harness the lunar energy for personal growth. Here's a simple ceremony with three journaling questions:

Materials Needed:

  • Candle
  • Journal and pen
  • Comfortable space for reflection


  1. Preparation:

    • Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.
    • Light a candle to symbolize the guiding energy of the waning crescent moon.
    • Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and create a focused mindset.
  2. Reflecting on the Past Lunar Cycle:

    • Begin by journaling about the experiences, challenges, and emotions you've encountered during the past lunar cycle.
    • Ask yourself: What aspects of my life or relationships have become clearer or more pronounced? What patterns or habits have I identified that no longer serve my growth?
  3. Identifying What to Release:

    • Write down specific thoughts, behaviors, or situations that you feel ready to release or let go of in your life or relationships.
    • Ask yourself: What burdens or obstacles have I carried that are hindering my personal or relational growth? What would I like to release to make space for new opportunities and positive energy?
  4. Expressing Gratitude and Letting Go:

    • Take a moment to express gratitude for the lessons learned during this lunar cycle.
    • With intention, write a letter to yourself or a symbolic representation of what you're releasing. Acknowledge the lessons and experiences, and then declare your readiness to let go.
    • Safely burn the letter or representation as a symbolic act of releasing these energies. As it burns, visualize the release of what no longer serves you.
  5. Closing Reflection:

    • Journal about your feelings and thoughts after the release ceremony.
    • Ask yourself: How do I feel now that I've consciously let go of certain energies? What new opportunities or perspectives might arise as a result of this release?

Remember, ceremonies are personal, and you can modify this ritual to suit your beliefs and preferences. The key is to approach it with sincerity and openness to the transformative energy of the waning crescent moon.